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Google Data Self Destruct

Google Loves Your Data

Google has been following people around for ages. I always point out to people the fact that they state how they would use Google for everything. Whether it’s for using email, spreadsheets, google drive for file storage, chrome as a browser etc… Yet, none of them ever questioned how Google is not charging them for these services? Let’s face it, no company can provide free services, and yet eat up expenses for too long. When I tell people the fact that Google indeed profits off the data from each user. That is truly when people start to realize, and even question that they may be sharing more than they want with Google.

What do I think about Google keeping tabs?

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019

So, I ended up posting this much later than I anticipated. I originally had it ready for October. However, I had to make some final edits and had to delay it. None the less, here it is a month later!

Cyber security awareness month is coming up real soon. In October, it is nationally known as cyber security month. Many security leaders present important security topics. This is also a time where many companies, government units and various organizations educate their members on cyber security. Many hold training workshops, lectures and send out updates to their workers.

I’d like to highlight some key points that readers should try to implement and incorporate in their personal lives and at work.

The US Cert organization has built some excellent cyber security training.

There detailed reports and educational training can be found all for free à

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Hello world!

Welcome To StealthBay

Hello Readers,

I thought I’d place up quick and short post about starting this new blog.

I’ve been wanting to start up a Tech. blog for awhile now along with some services that I offer.

In the past I was leaning towards just creating a blog or just a services website.
And, then I got thinking why not just do both with one website.

So you’ll see a mix of IT related services and blog posts from me.
I’ll try to concentrate on more IT Security and Cyber Security issues.

However, I do also want this to be a blog where I can share my thoughts, ideas and visions related to anything IT.

It might be new gadgets and tools that I am trying out, a certain type of software, tutorials, general IT things that might help other people and much more.

Really… I’m going to post a lot of random IT posts, so don’t mind it if they don’t always meet IT Security standards (=P)

Some things I am currently working on or plan to: