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Finding a Drupal Vulnerability

Finding a Drupal Vulnerability

So, I found my first official Drupal Vulnerability with Drupal Core. You can read more about it officially on Drupal’s website here –>

For those that don’t know much about Drupal it is a Content Management System similar to WordPress and Joomla.

During my time conducting a security assessment and audit on Drupal, I found an issue. This particular vulnerability was found many months back. I had decided to hold off on publishing anything about it so it would give many Drupal users time to mitigate the issue.

What is the Vulnerability?


Passing the CISA exam

Passing the CISA exam – Certified Information Systems Auditor

So I though it would be interesting to post up a blog post about my experience challenging the the CISA exam last year in 2016.

I had started this blog a bit afterwards, and never really thought about posting my experience. But, many others have always asked about my experience taking the CISA exam ,and if there were any tips I could give them to better their chances of passing the exam.  My hope is this post helps those that end up reading this and gives them a better insight on the adventure of obtaining the ISACA CISA certificate.

Preparing for the CISA exam


Hardening Mobile Phone Devices – iOS/Android

Mobile Hardening

A question I often get asked by a lot of mobile users is regarding how they can secure “harden” their mobile devices. What can they do to add some layers of protection to secure their mobile devices?

There aren’t a whole lot of software tools that are out there which actually harden mobile devices. And, it’s a bit unfortunate that mobile security has a lower priority these days.

Kaspersky Threats 2015

Kaspersky Threats 2015

Courtesy of (

For most Android and iOS devices there are a few steps and actions that you can take in order to harden your mobile device.

The following steps should give you some basic hardening techniques for personal use.

Research Project – Android Mobile Forensics

Mobile Devices

Today is more of a Throwback Thursday moment that I’d like to share with everyone regarding mobile devices.

So in 2015 in order to Graduate from the Forensics – Computer Crime program.
We had a year long research project that was conducted by each student.

My focus was on Mobile forensics and particularly on Android devices.

This was a field that was slightly newer to me, but I felt mobile security will play a huge role in the future. We use our mobile devices for just about everything, and this means future cyber attacks will start to hit mobile devices.

Also, at the same time, I was very curious as to what type of information mobile devices hold and contain about us. I hope my research brings out some answers for many people while at the same time posing further questions to explore.

I’ve decided to attach a PDF of my Android Forensics project.

Hello world!

Welcome To StealthBay

Hello Readers,

I thought I’d place up quick and short post about starting this new blog.

I’ve been wanting to start up a Tech. blog for awhile now along with some services that I offer.

In the past I was leaning towards just creating a blog or just a services website.
And, then I got thinking why not just do both with one website.

So you’ll see a mix of IT related services and blog posts from me.
I’ll try to concentrate on more IT Security and Cyber Security issues.

However, I do also want this to be a blog where I can share my thoughts, ideas and visions related to anything IT.

It might be new gadgets and tools that I am trying out, a certain type of software, tutorials, general IT things that might help other people and much more.

Really… I’m going to post a lot of random IT posts, so don’t mind it if they don’t always meet IT Security standards (=P)

Some things I am currently working on or plan to: