Hello world!

Welcome To StealthBay

Hello Readers,

I thought I’d place up quick and short post about starting this new blog.

I’ve been wanting to start up a Tech. blog for awhile now along with some services that I offer.

In the past I was leaning towards just creating a blog or just a services website.
And, then I got thinking why not just do both with one website.

So you’ll see a mix of IT related services and blog posts from me.
I’ll try to concentrate on more IT Security and Cyber Security issues.

However, I do also want this to be a blog where I can share my thoughts, ideas and visions related to anything IT.

It might be new gadgets and tools that I am trying out, a certain type of software, tutorials, general IT things that might help other people and much more.

Really… I’m going to post a lot of random IT posts, so don’t mind it if they don’t always meet IT Security standards (=P)

Some things I am currently working on or plan to:

Review of Google Chrome Cast

Lifting finger prints off objects and using it to unlock a cell/mobile phone

SSL certificates for websites

Finding passwords in your computers RAM (Memory)


and much more…. so stay tuned!!




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