Passing the CISA exam

Passing the CISA exam – Certified Information Systems Auditor

So I though it would be interesting to post up a blog post about my experience challenging the the CISA exam last year in 2016.

I had started this blog a bit afterwards, and never really thought about posting my experience. But, many others have always asked about my experience taking the CISA exam ,and if there were any tips I could give them to better their chances of passing the exam.  My hope is this post helps those that end up reading this and gives them a better insight on the adventure of obtaining the ISACA CISA certificate.

Preparing for the CISA exam


Public Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi Security

Today in our current world we have access to free public wifi practically around ever corner street. Most cafes and restaurants offer free public WiFi to just about anyone. What people fail to realize is that technology is no different in the public compared to people being in public.

Let’s create a real life use case. You could be taking a nice stroll down at your local park. When someone comes by and starts taking photo’s of you and others at the park. They know have “access” to an image of you without your knowledge. But, (more…)

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