Rust A Programming Language

Packt has published a new book called “Rust – Web Programming” authored by Maxwell Flitton.

Now, I am totally new to this programming language. But I have to say after spending some time learning it. Rust is a language that has the potential to become very widely used for ecommerce and general websites with web applications. I have decided to create a write up for those that may have some interest in learning about Rust.

Why use Rust ?

Rust solves many pain points which are present in many other current programming languages.

Better memory usage due to better garbage collection. Most common languages such as Python, PHP and Java have a garbage collection process. However, these languages have a process that uses up extra resources and CPU time on the machine to manage and run the garbage collection process.

Speed performance is also seen to faster than most other programming languages. And Rust ever so little trails behind C++ in terms of speed.

It is much easier to learn and understand Rust. Syntax for code is easier to write, read and understand for someone that is new to programming.

Community support is huge for Rust, and you can easily find other devs using it for many user cases.

What will I learn from this book ?

The book is a great resource for someone that is beginning to code in Rust. And wants to understand how to get started, as well as learning how it can be used to build web apps. There are a range of topics you get to tackle listed below.

You will get an in-depth walkthrough on setting up and deploying an App made with Rust in the AWS stack environment.

There is a great section on how to build web apps that function well and operate at the Browser level. This means looking into how to best design and create code to work with all browsers.

There is a section related to storage of data and a how to make use of Rust with databases such as PostgreSQL.

Managing User sessions with great security practices is also discussed quite a bit. There are good examples of how to manage user session as the app is created and coded out.

Testing methodologies, building unit testing, and cleaning up code is listed out well in its own section.  Along with that, there is a section on automate testing techniques that can be used as best practice.

An excellent section on learning how to build API’s so that something like RESTful API’s can be built and used for an app you develop.

Where can I get this book ?

You can get it directly at Packt here -> Rust Web Programming | Packt (

Amazon also sell it too -> Rust Web Programming: A hands-on guide to developing fast and secure web apps with the Rust programming language: Flitton, Maxwell: 9781800560819: Books

Plans for using Rust ?

As I spend more time using it and writing up some of my own code. I do see a lot of good uses for using this programming language. I personally think the syntax is much easier to understand and code in. There is a good community backing for it. And the documentation is easy to follow and understand if you need additional info. I do not have any immediate plans to build a web app of my own. But I can see Rust helping with simple scripts, and I play around with it I will be sure to upload it to my github repo.

Have you played with Rust before? If so, give us a shout in the comments section below and share your experience using it!

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