SSL Cert Options

SSL Certificates

To Start off, I am going to break this post into many parts.
This will be part 1

So lately, I have been looking at different SSL Cert options that are out there for your applications and machines.

Let’s face it unless you’re a small to large business you may not see a huge investment with SSL certs.

Personally, I think  it’s a general good practice most people should adopt it for everything.
I’ve seen some people complain that adding a layer of SSL decreases server performance.

In my opinion most machines these days are fairly powerful.
Or, at least powerful enough to take on something like SSL, so I don’t see that as a very valid excuse at all.

The main reason people may not wish to make use of SSL is due to the costs, or the lack of knowledge on how to properly make use of one.

And, my hope is to find a reliable SSL Cert CA, that also is reasonably priced and affordable for the average blog poster.

I found an interesting website that actually did an analysis on this issue awhile back.

SSL Cert Options

I’ve heard of Comodo Positive SSL.
In fact, I got a free cert from a year ago when I moved over a domain name to them.
At that time I had no need for it, but I am thinking of putting it to the test for one of my websites.

Sometimes Webhosting providers or Domain Registers will provide you free SSL certs.
But be mindful of what CA they will be making use of.
The last thing you want is for them to pass on a unreliable certificate to you.

Another option which I have been looking at for awhile now is LetsEncrypt.
I was part of their Beta program, and I did find their objective and goals quite interesting.

Let’s face it… they essentially want to create a secure world wide web for everyone and at the cost of it being free.
Many other companies have started to back up their initiative, and the growing list of supporting vendors just seems to be adding on.

I am going to install Comodo on one website and LetsEncrypt on another and explain the process as I go along.

Next… part 2 coming soon!

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