Samsung Note 7 Recall – Batteries Blowing up?

Samsung Note 7 Mobile Devices

Samsung recently released a new phone to their existing line of phones.

They released their new device the Note 7, which made some amazing sales in the first week of its release.
The demand was so high, they they ended up selling out all of their preorders.

However, it seems that Samsung now has come head to head with a new global issue.

An announcement was made recently which revealed that the Samsung Note 7 devices can melt, catch on fire and even explode when being charged.
The issue seems to reside from using a battery supplier than possibly did not make high quality batteries.

The models sold in China had a battery made from another supplier, which might be why none of these issues have been heard of in China so far.



Major Issues

Many users have posted images of their severely burned and melted phones online.

The damage seems extensive, and it makes you wonder if it was left on top of bed sheets.
What would the impact be?
A home fire? Someone wakes up to a well lite up room?

The problem resides on the fact that the phones have a faulty chip inside the phones.

When a phone is charging and charges up to the maximum 100%.
It will normally stop charging and not overcharge the battery in the mobile device.

However, this fault chip that stops the phone from overcharging actually does not always work properly.
And, this leads the battery being charged to 200% or more.


Over Charging Batteries

When a battery get’s over charged it starts to heat up.
Unlike common computers that are either air or liquid cooled.

Our mobile devices do not get any proper cooling, which leads to hot or warm phones.
When a device over heats there is no where for the heat to get any sort of cooling from.
And, that means the mobile devices can overheat and start to the melt away the plastic and metal materials.

Now, I will say I am a huge Samsung fan, as they make some great products.
The company has always had a great name and has made quality products.

I’m glad that they fessed up to this issue and have made it a priority to fix the issue asap.
Many other companies may just single it off as “who cares… we are making some good money lets not say anything”.


Avoiding the Explosion

So what are some ways you can avoid having your phone burst into flames?

For once, do NOT charge it over night or when you are not around and must leave the phone unattended.

If you can avoid overcharging the phone past 100% you should be fairly okay for the most part.
Users that charge it during the day time have a better chance of not having it overheat.
And, that’s because you are able to unplug the charger/wire as soon it reaches 100% (the green light comes on).

Samsung also will be officially contacting and releasing notices to Note 7 users.

Many mobile carriers already have stopped selling Note 7 devices.
They also have plans worked out in co-junction with Samsung to replace all Note 7 devices.

If you already haven’t called or viewed your carriers website.
That would be your best bet to take part in the recall to get a new Note 7 without any battery issues.

Good luck!

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