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Mobile Devices

Today is more of a Throwback Thursday moment that I’d like to share with everyone regarding mobile devices.

So in 2015 in order to Graduate from the Forensics – Computer Crime program.
We had a year long research project that was conducted by each student.

My focus was on Mobile forensics and particularly on Android devices.

This was a field that was slightly newer to me, but I felt mobile security will play a huge role in the future. We use our mobile devices for just about everything, and this means future cyber attacks will start to hit mobile devices.

Also, at the same time, I was very curious as to what type of information mobile devices hold and contain about us. I hope my research brings out some answers for many people while at the same time posing further questions to explore.

I’ve decided to attach a PDF of my Android Forensics project.

The Research project

It is a rather long report and, it would make more sense to post the PDF rather than format it to fit in a single blog post.

The PDF can be found here ——–> Harry_Taheem_Mobile_Forensics_Paper

Harry Taheem

Useful Tools

Some of the tools that were used in the research were:

Andriller –
Oxygen Forensics –
Cellebrite –
MobilEDIT –

Future Projects

Some future projects and research that I’d like to look into would be:

Network Monitoring – Actually analyzing all traffic that is sent to and from the mobile device.

RAM Analysis – What type of information is stored in RAM (passwords, tokens etc..?)

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

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