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I wanted to post about a very cool one-of-a-kind cyber security job listing website. If you are looking into getting a job specializing in cyber security, you are in luck!  One of my friends has created a website dedicated towards connecting like minded cyber security professionals and hiring managers.

What is

It is a highly focused website listing out only cyber security positions. You can check out the website here:

It has listings that only consist of security focused and related jobs or positions. If you are a hiring manager, it is a great place that allows you to post your current open positions if you are looking for some talented cyber security professionals.

The website also does not sell your personal information, CV/Resume details to any other parties, and no external trackers are used on the site. The website is built to protect every user’s personal information.

It is a rare website, as most other IT job related websites showcase various IT positions. There are none that really focus just on cyber security positions. So this is a new rare gem to check out and bookmark!

Dark Mode Theme

A lot of other job listing sites have only one theme, and it is usually a bright white background theme that can be hard on the eyes. But has a great dark theme option, which is great on the eyes, especially if you are viewing the website late at night!

Looking for a job?

The site loads super quick and is amazingly simple and easy to use. There are job email alerts that can be setup to send you details about new jobs or reminders of jobs you saved and wanted to check out later.  You might be on the go while using your mobile device to skim through new positions. This feature is a great way to quickly save a job to check out later when you have some spare time. Searching is quick and easy to use, and you can easily narrow down a specific type of cyber security job.

Looking to post about an open position?

This website is a great tool for hiring managers to post open positions. InfoSec-Jobs is starting to become the go to place for those that are looking for cyber security jobs. Whether that be experienced professionals or interns looking to get a taste of the cyber security world. Hiring managers can be assured that a great amount of talented cyber security professionals are browsing the site for their dream job!

The website has all of the pricing details and packages for listing an open cyber security position.

Let us know how it goes!

Hopefully, this post helps cyber security professionals find their next job. If you found that job you always wanted, or as a hiring manager found an awesome candidate. Post a comment below and let everyone know!

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