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There has been a domain scam particularly in Canada that has been going on for quite awhile. When I was introduced to it taking place and being a person, they also tried to target. I decided it would be best to expose how they try to scam people so that people do not fall prey to them. I have heard stories of people falling for this scam. This post is for the ones that end up landing on this blog post for more info.

Why is this important

Personally, reading all the comments and posts online about these scammers. I feel the right thing to do is to create some awareness, so more people do not fall prey to the scam. There are many innocent victims, who may fall for this scam due to the lack of cyber security awareness. So, lets go out there and educate people and let them know about this scam. Hopefully, it can at least prevent a few people from falling prey to this scam.

What did they do

This organization is sending thousands of letters on an ongoing basis to people. These mailed letters show up at your home or offices and make it seem like it is an urgent matter to address right away. The letter will state a domain name you own, the expiry date of the domain, a section to paste your credit card number, and an envelope the mail the form back.

Many users (the stories I have read online) end up calling the number and have gone as far as giving their credit card information on the phone to these people. What most users do not realize is that this letter is NOT coming from their actual domain registrar.

So many get confused and end up transferring their domain over to this scam organization called And, once a registrar has your domain, they can make your life exceedingly difficult when it comes down to managing and controlling your domain. They could essentially shutdown your online business or website, as they will now have full control over your domain name.

Who are “they” – (

This organization goes by many different domain names and identities. They mainly go by the name called and listed as on the mailed letter head. But, it seems they have multiple names that are used such as (shown below) and a few other names.


A whois lookup (shown below) shows that the org. is registered through Domain Jamoree.


If you search Google for (seen below) you’ll find tons of “beware”, “I was scammed” and other hits where users were targeted by this organization.


The image above is from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which mostly contains 1-star complaints for this registrar. You see some incredibly sad and unfortunate stories there. And an clearly see how many of these people were taken advantage of. It comes down to poor security awareness were many people just did not understand how domain names and registrars’ function. And, that lack of knowledge led to many of them losing out their hard-earned money and/or their prized domain names.

You can read tons of other complaints on the BBB website:

How do they obtain someone’s information

From what it appears, they target domains that DO NOT have whois privacy enabled with respect to the domain owner. Many registrars allow you to anonymize your information for WHOIS searches.


For example, as seen above the registrant information for is redacted. Only the actual domain registrar would have this information. However, many domain owners sometimes may not purchase the option to anonymize (privacy option) their personal information. Many domain registrars are now slowly starting to offer it as a free when you register or renew your domain name. So, there is no reason to not take advantage of it if you are given that option.

How can I protect myself

Enable all privacy and private/anonymous whois options that are available at your domain registrar. This way when a user does a WHOIS lookup on your domain name. There is going to be no sensitive data shown, and anyone targeting users will not be able to do much. If your registrar does charge extra, decide if the fee is worth it. Usually, it is only a few extra bucks on top of the actual domain fee. If not, I would advise moving to many other popular registrars that offer privacy & security features for free!

As for protecting your domain names. Always be sure of which registrar you have signed up with and under any circumstances that feel odd (getting a random renewal letter). Always reach out to the domain registrar you signed up with and follow up with them. I’ve listed a few good reputable domain registrars you can use (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Cloudflare, Google, Porkbun)

Passing this post along

In order to protect more users from falling for this scam. Please pass and share this post with others out there. Let us get this notice out there and help others from not falling prey to this scam.

If you have found any more information about them, or have had experience with them feel free to share your experience below in the comments section!

13 Responses to “Domain Registry Scam by”

  1. Rosanne says:

    This company is definitely a scam. I contacted our webmaster after I had paid and efforts were made to receive a refund and cancel the subscription. All our efforts failed. They have the $$$$ and we have no subscription.
    This company needs to be fined and shut down.

    • Harry says:

      Sorry to hear that Rosanne.

      I was hoping my post would get to more people and prevent others from getting scammed.

      Feel free to share this along so others don’t fall for the same scam.

  2. I thought the letter from Domain Registry was legitimate. It’s been sitting in the ‘to do’ file for some time – so this morning I went to process a credit card the payment of $50. Fortunately I encountered difficulty with the system accepting my credit card information. I ‘googled’ the site again and saw the ‘scam warning’.

    • Harry says:

      Glad you were not scammed.

      Also, if I were you, I’d watch my credit card. It’s possible when you entered the info in. That they saved a copy of the credit card numbers, expiry etc..

      And, could process it at a later time.

      Your best bet would be to get a new credit card number just to be safe.
      But, for sure monitor the charges on it.

  3. Nancy says:

    I fell for the renewal scam & sent in money for 5 YEARS. So now I guess the question is do I have 5 years of registry?

    • Harry says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Sorry to hear about the sad news.

      If you paid by credit card, I’d advise you call your credit card company and request a charge back to get your money back.

      Also, if you want to check if your domain was “actually” renewed for 5 years.
      You can go here ->

      Type in your domain name and view the “DATE” section, which will list the expiry date (eg.Expires on 2026-09-01)

  4. I should have checked them out. It looks like I’m out $90 unless I can get the bank to stop payment.

    • Harry says:

      Sorry to hear that Michael.

      if you paid by a credit card, you can easily submit a chargeback.

      Hopefully, your bank can stop the payment in time.


    Is there any way we can stop these people doing this ?
    It’s been years now that they are in business…
    Is there any attorney on this case ?
    Can we report a claim ?

  6. I received a notice to renew my husband’s website through this company. My husband passed away in November, and I didn’t realize that this was not the company his website was through, so I paid $90, and the site now is no longer available. I paid by check. Is there no way to retrieve the money after the check has been cashed? Apparently there is no way retrieve the data on the website, either.

    • Harry says:

      Sorry to hear this Cindy.

      If you sent a cheque call your bank and see if the funds can be held. It is possible they have not been transferred over yet.

      If they were already transferred over, then there won’t be much you can do at that point.

  7. Harry says:

    Also Cindy, is your site called ?

    If so, it looks like you can still register this site again through a reputable domain registrar. At the moment, it looks like it expired and was deleted for anyone to register.

    The company you paid never re-registered it for you and just took your money.

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