Stealing Windows Wi-Fi WPA2-PSK Passwords through PowerShell

Stealing Windows Wi-Fi WPA2-PSK Passwords through PowerShell

This week, I was hanging out with a friends, who happened to forget their Wi-Fi Password to connect a new device to their network. I decided, I would find a way and help them out so they could obtain the Wi-Fi password. It then led me to a thought, that a malicious attacker could technically use the same technique. Or, that it could be a good technique used when pen testing an environment. So, therefore, I have decided to make a blog post about it. Enjoy!

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Have you been pwned?

Leaked passwords

Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is related to data breaches and an interesting website idea that has turned up on the Internet.


So a fellow co-worker alerted me on a website that he had recently found.


We know breaches are taking place all the time in fact there is one taking place right this very moment.
And, in the next minute, the next hour and so forth…….


Many of these breaches are not disclosed and that might be because many organizations are not yet aware of being breached.
I’ve read about banks and other organizations learning years later about being breeched.
And, some organizations may never know at all depending on how sophisticated their infrastructure set-up may be.

Total average total cost of a data breach for the participating companies in 2015 was $3.79 million.


It looks like someone finally has come out with an interesting plan for end users.