Vulnerable JavaScript Illegally Mining User Machines

Vulnerable JavaScript Illegally Mining User Machines

So a few days ago, I was browsing to view some on-line tools. I noticed an odd alert triggered by my Anti-Virus scanner. My scanner detected it as HKTL_COINMINE with my URL Filtering option enabled on my scanner. I decided to investigate it further to see what this was all about. What I slowly started to uncover was that something was using my machine to mine. This at first didn’t make sense, as no new applications or files were downloaded.

Then, I noticed an increase in CPU, and I have a normal baseline where my CPU levels normally reside at for the most part. After looking into some network connections I realized there was a connection made out to a server in Ukraine. And, that isn’t typical behavior of my network to be connecting to a machine in Ukraine. The realization after some further investigation that it was the CNET JavaScript file that had been compromised externally on another server . And, this led me to my next blog post!

How Do They Exploit JavaScript?


When Organizations Do Not Use Email Encryption

When Organizations Do Not Use Email Encryption

For this article, I had originally written it a few months ago. However, I didn’t get the chance to post it at that time. And, in a fortunate and positive way it turns out that my post will be some what less relevant than originally intended for the readers. When I initially had started this article, I had noticed an issue which seems to crop up anytime I am working with an organization. Many important organizations still lack basic security tools and options. In the example of this article, it looks into the lack of use of email encryption and secure email systems.

Now before I get into the nitty gritty stuff I want to list out a disclaimer. Everything I conduct, list, and discuss on my blog is and has always been for educational purposes. None of my articles are made or should be used to attack machines out there. All information on my blog is for the better purpose of learning better security methods.


Now this article is not meant to bash government organizations in any way what so ever. This article is here to teach that any and all types of organizations can easily lack basic security measures. (more…)