TeamViewer Breach?

Teamviewer is a fairly popular application used to gain remote access to machines.

Many use it to help other users troubleshoot their computer issues.
I personally avoid these types of applications as there are added security risks and concerns.

Teamviewer went down about a month ago which impacted every Teamviewer user on a global scale.
Many people at that time thought Teamviewer had been breached or hacked.

I was alerted about the issue through a friend the same day.
The twitter feed for teamviewer was hit hard by angry users. And as I started to noticed right away many businesses rely heavily on TeamViewer to run their day to day operations. (more…)

Windows 10 Shortcuts

Windows 10 Shortcuts

So, I’ve been getting used to Windows 10 and it’s new “style” of how things are done.

I decided to post up some of the shortcuts known for Windows 10.

If you know of any that were missed please feel free to comment.